A Letter from the Director                                                                                                                                                                     June 23, 2014


Dear Parents,


Thank you for being part of our 15th Year ~ it truly was a banner year, as we had our highest student enrollment and the largest attendance ever recorded at our 15th Annual Dance Concert, which was by far one of our best shows! For those that were new this year and to those that have been here for years ~ THANK YOU!!! As always, I appreciate your patronage, loyalty and support to The DCU…we are so glad that we had the opportunity to serve you.


I also want to thank you for choosing The DCU for your child’s/children’s lessons…we value our customers and we want you to be satisfied overall with our product and the programs we offer. Your child’s education here is also taken very seriously…we are an institution of the Performing and Fine Arts and your child’s overall success in our programs is very important to us. Dance and Gymnastics, along with music, art and theater are disciplined art forms in and of themselves and we pride ourselves on providing a quality education taught by degreed professionals that give our students wonderful technical training right from the start. The money you spend for lessons is an investment and I do believe that you have made a great investment here at DCU. We teach more than dance and gymnastics, we teach lessons that will help our students to be successful in life. Students that train at The DCU excel academically and athletically as our foundation gives them the tools to be a success in all they do in and out of the classroom.


Many former DCU students are ranked in the top percent of their class (many in the top 10), receive partial and full academic and athletic scholarships, attend prestigious universities and Ivy league schools, get their Master’s Degree, go into education or the medical field; becoming Educators, Administrators, Nurses, Physicians Assistants, and Doctors. 99% of DCU graduates (students that are here until they are 18) pursue a college degree and 100% of these students and parents thank me annually for how The DCU helped their child to be more successful in everything else they do.


For those dance parents that were able to witness the progression of our students and program at our 15th Annual Dance Concert…I hope you were pleased overall with the quality and professionalism of our show and with how well every dancer did, especially yours. I cannot tell you how proud I was…to sit in the audience and watch this show…it is a feeling I cannot describe in one word…it was breathtakingly beautiful and although I was beaming with joy and anticipation of every dance…I was full of so many emotions; happiness, joy, tenderness, sadness…and yes I was moved and shed quite a few tears…but that is what dance is supposed to do…it’s supposed to move you. I was very touched and moved by all my dancers…babies through advanced. I loved every minute of it and cannot wait until next year.

And to those gymnastics parents that didn’t get to witness firsthand the full progression of our program from beginner to advanced because it was a “non-show” yearI hope you did witness your own child’s progress from the beginning to end of the year at our in-house demonstration and how well they improved and advanced. I also hope you will be here next year to take part in our 10th Anniversary Gymnastics Exhibition…it’s a BIG ONE and it’s going to be fantastic and we would love for you and your child to be part of it!


“Experience the Difference”…from beginner to advanced…from beginning to end…the best learning experience! Proudly providing a quality education of the arts and excellence in training for the past 15 years, encouraging every student to be the best they can be in life! DCU Training is life training!!


We do have space in our super fun-filled summer camps. (See other side)  If you’d like to register please give us a call at 512-398-9006. A heartfelt thank you to all and so looking forward to seeing you soon!


Miss Cathy






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