Attendance - students are expected to attend classes on time and in proper attire. Please call the studio if your child will be absent. Good attendance is required for participation in annual shows, recitals and demonstrations.

Arrival and pick up - please arrive to class five minutes before your class starts. If you are going to be late, or need your child to leave early please call the studio ahead of time.

Please pick up your child on time, because once class is dismissed the child becomes the responsibility of the parent.

If you know that you are going to be late please call. Your child's safety is important to us!

Make up classes - because of our strict DCU student- teacher ratio and most DCU classes being full, make-up classes for excused absences only (illness or injury) will be allowed "if space is permits". No make-up classes are allowed Nov 1st – Dec. 20th or after Feb 14th as students will be preparing for our annual demonstration and spring shows at these times.

Refunds or credits will not be given for missed lessons, class cancellations, or scheduled holidays.

Attire: (what to wear to class)



Girls- Leotard preferably or bike-tard only. If you are over eight years old, trunks may be worn under the leotard (special gym underwear)

Boys- athletic shorts, preferably black (elastic waist) and T-shirt, preferably plain (no zippers)

Cheer A leotard is best, but shorts and a "fitted" shirt or sports bra may be worn.

Hair - Secure hair away from face and neck, so that it stays up for the entire class.

Please do not wear jewelry to class. Personal items can be left in the cubby area. The DCU will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. Please label all your personal items.


All dancewear can be purchased at The DCU: we carry tap, ballet and jazz shoes; dance and gymnastics leotards; tights, accessories and more!

Recreational and Competitive Dancers

Pink or Black leotard with ballet pink tights. (Convertible tights recommended for combo classes)

Shoes: Black taps shoes and pink leather ballet slippers. Jazz shoes not required for all classes (bare feet); Dance Stars II and III students may need to purchase Jazz

Shoes for the end of the year concert.

Please note: NO Shirts, attached skirts, shorts, or street clothes.


Fitted shirt; Shorts, Sweats, Capri’s or Athletic pants. No jeans or zippers
Shoes- predominantly White or Black Tennis shoes (worn only in the studio, NO STREET SHOES ALLOWED)

HAIR: Secure hair away from the face and neck, so that is stays up and out of the face for the entire class. A bun is preferred for all dance classes and is required for all Classical Ballet classes only.





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