Dance is a work of art and almost always tells a story!  Dance ~ as a voice!...Without emotion, "dancers are without a face", but when they learn to feel the music, they will truly know what dance is about. Our goal is to develop the "total dancer" and bring out the best in each of our students both technically and emotionally. We want to teach them to dance with passion and to enjoy moving to music! "Dance is life...take a chance and love the dance"

All classes are taught in a fun, loving and motivational environment, that stimulates creativity and a child's natural movement, building self-confidence and a love for learning and the arts.


Pre-school Dance Program: (Ages 2-4)

Creative Movement: (Ages 2-3) A dance class that stimulates creativity through movement and music where imagination is key! Gross motor development is a big part of this program, in addition some basic dance steps will be taught and various rhythms will be explored. (This class does not perform in our annual Dance Concert)

Tutus and Tiaras (Ages 3-5) A “princess” themed creative movement class that will incorporate “Disney Soundtracks” featuring a different “DISNEY PRINCESS” every month. They will learn steps in classical ballet, as well as the French terminology of these steps, and tap, along with various rhythms. What a FUN time they will have learning to dance to music they know and LOVE! This class DOES NOT perform in our end of the year show. 

Broadway Babies I/II: (Ages 3 & 4) A combo class of Creative Movement, Ballet and Tap. This class introduces students to the basic movements of dance which encourage a child's natural movement and muscle development in a fun and creative environment. Students will also learn proper dance class etiquette, which will improve on their listening skills & directional cues, helping to prepare them for school. (Students will perform a Ballet routine at our Annual Concert)

Kinder Dance Program: (Ages 5-7)

Dance Stars I: (Ages 5-7) A combo class of Ballet and Tap. The ballet class introduces basic Classical ballet steps and body positions with emphasis on posture, muscle awareness and body alignment. Proper "French terminology" of all ballet steps will be taught. Tap class will introduce and acquaint students with basic tap steps, various rhythms, and tap terminology that will enhance their coordination. Both disciplines will be taught in a creative and fun environment. (Students will perform a Ballet and a Tap routine at our Annual Concert)

Hip Hop: (Ages 5-7) A high energy, age appropriate, street styled dance that is more free style in movement and allows students to move more expressively. (Age appropriate music)


Dance Stars II & III (age 8-11 & 12-up) These classes are progressive, fast-paced and energetic! Although the disciplines themselves are structured, they are taught with passion, energy and creativity to foster a love for dance and an internal desire to be the best they can be! These classes teach the importance of self-discipline and self-determination which helps to build their self-esteem and confidence.

Classical Ballet- The foundation of all dance forms, therefore it is a very important part our program and is part of all our combo classes. A strong ballet foundation enhances their development in all other art forms, including Hip-Hop & Gymnastics. Body placement, posture, poise, strength and flexibility are taught and developed through center work, barre, and progressions, as well as the French terminology and definitions of all steps.

Pointe- Offered to students by teacher recommendation. Students must have a minimum of 3 years of Classical Ballet training and be at least 11 years of age. Two classical ballet classes per week are required to take Pointe class.

Tap- America's true art form! Tap terminology and a strong foundation of tap basics will be taught in every class. Rhythm, coordination and agility will be enhanced in these classes. Tap is fast paced, high energy and fun!

Jazz- A class that exposes students to the various styles of technical Jazz dance including, traditional, lyrical, contemporary modern and hip hop.





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