Boys...very active, full of high energy, hands-on and thrive on competition! Channel that energy in a positive way...gymnastics and dance enhances their athleticism, allows them to move and burn off some of that energy in a very hands-on environment that promotes healthy competition...building self-esteem and confidence.

Here at The DCU we offer a wide variety of classes just for boys.

DANCE: (All boys Tap and Hip Hop for ages 4 & up)

Hip Hop and Tap: ("Little-Man Crew") (All boys class for ages 4-6) A fun-filled, high energy, movement packed and jammin' class. It's hip, it's fresh and it is happening.

HIP HOP: A fun introduction to movement that is funky, expressive and age appropriate! These high energy, fast paced classes will introduce "The DCU all men crew" to various hip-hop styles that are more free-style in movement and allow students to move more expressively.

TAP: A structured high energy, fast paced class that teaches a strong foundation of the tap basics which enhances their mental focus, coordination and rhythm. The tap class will introduce them to some fancy footwork and rhythms and improve their coordination and agility!


Students will learn the basics on all apparatus-Floor, Vaulting, Parallel Bars, Rings, High Bar, Pommel and Tumble Trak/Trampoline.
Gymnastics: “Mini-MITES!” (All boys class for 3-5 year olds) What a great place to start-in the “Sport of ALL sports”!!! This class is geared towards the “guys”-and movement (lots of it) is key. This class will develop and enhance their fine and gross motor skills, balance, coordination, agility, flexibility and strength. In addition, students will be stimulated with a variety of colorful teaching aids and music that reinforces the learning of their body parts, directional cues, colors, numbers, shapes and patterns-further preparing them for school. (Students perform a themed floor exercise routine and an obstacle course at our Gymnastics Exhibition on the odd years.)
Gymnastics: “Mighty-MITES!” (All boys classes for ages 6 & up) These structured classes will focus on the 6 pieces of the men’s apparatus; Vaulting, Parallel Bars, High Bar, Pommel Horse, Rings and Floor Exercise. Balance, coordination, agility, strength and flexibility will be improved upon. Gymnastics
is a total body conditioning sport, which enhances their participation in all other sports. Self-discipline, perseverance, focus, and social skills will be enhanced as well. (Students perform a themed floor exercise routine and an obstacle course at our Gymnastics Exhibition on the odd years.)





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